Be the Source of Your Own Energy and Happiness

Discover What It Means to Enjoy Being YOU

Be the Source of Your Own Energy and Happiness

Discover What It Means to Enjoy Being YOU

Hi, I’m Julia, a Certified Integral Coach from Zurich and the Founder of ownYOUnity®

I help women discover a life full of energy and happiness within themselves.

Is this you?


You want to be happy and find inner peace and balance, but instead, you end up in arguments because people often disappoint you.


“Why does this always happen with me?” is a common thought and you tend to overthink all the time.


You panic when you’re alone, so you always keep yourself busy or surround yourself with other people to distract from the anxious thoughts.

You want to make positive changes to certain areas of your life but don’t know where to begin or what to do.
You’re tired of depending on other people or external events, which are ‘supposed to’ happen in your life.
You do a lot of personal development work and want to take it a step further by working with a professional coach.

Remember, nothing is ever set in stone.

Just know that every change starts with you and you can make that change today.

Once you connect with yourself on a deeper level, you’ll be in a resourceful state and experience self-love like never before. When people experience self-love, they become their own best friend.

I Was Once Like You …

Unfulfilled with my situation and on a mission to rediscover myself. From moving to Germany from Kazakhstan, then studying Industrial Engineering Management and becoming an engineer, and moving to Switzerland, I’ve experienced pain and major breakthroughs in life which led me to my passion for coaching and personal development.

An Integral Approach to Coaching

Our mind, body, soul and emotions are connected to each other. Alongside these, we live in different systems, such as relationships, sociocultural systems etc. To achieve a positive state and full consciousness, we must holistically address each of these.

It’s why I take an integral approach to coaching.

This means we’ll explore various topics related to these aspects, understand on a deeper level how each one impacts you and optimise them together to achieve your desired result.

With this approach, you may come into contact with unconscious aspects of a topic that you’ve never considered before. This is normal. Although it may be uncomfortable to begin with, it’s key to integrate them into your conscious mind to achieve sustainable solutions.

Ways to Work with me

You’re a woman looking to transform and change your life. You’re ready to say yes to yourself and discover the benefits of coaching.

Whether you feel alone or withdrawn from other people and crave confidence and clarity, or you want to make big changes to certain areas of your life, I can help you find harmony.

1-1 Coaching and Mentoring

For women who are ready to experience self-love and a life full of energy and happiness. 1-1 coaching and mentoring powerfully supports your journey by equipping you with the tools and knowledge to free yourself from tension.

1-1 Coaching While Hiking

Do you love nature, the outdoors and personal development? Imagine a day in the gorgeous Swiss mountains focused on YOU. During our hike, we’ll look at your goals and uncover what may hold you back, so you leave with an action plan.

Hiking Dialogue

A casual group conversation with other women who love personal development. You enjoy hiking and are curious to explore various topics. Hiking Dialogue is a lighter form of Coaching While Hiking.

Women’s Mastermind

Group coaching for women who want to live a life full of energy and happiness. We’ll focus on how to be in a resourceful state, hear opinions, learn and hold each other accountable in a trusting atmosphere.

Not sure which one is right for you?

Book a free initial call with me to explore your options and discover how you can make long-lasting, sustainable changes by being YOU.

Hear From Other Women

An authentic coach with sensitivity

“Julia is an authentic person who has wonderful charisma and sensitivity. She knows exactly how to lead her clients to their goals. Before working with Julia, I read many books and attended some workshops but working with Julia felt different. She helped me with communication at work and motivation to practice yoga.

I learned a lot during the coaching, and I’m grateful that I had this experience with Julia. I felt very comfortable in the session. I received many tips and methods that made my life much nicer and easier. I feel that I can express my feelings better. My message arrives better and is not that negative. I wanted to do yoga once a week, and I did. I’m happy that I reached my goal and I feel grateful to Julia that she helped me. Thanks for all these insights.”


Der Weg zum Ziel ist ein Geschenk

„Bei Julia fühle ich mich stehts wohl. Ihre ruhige, ausgeglichene Art gibt mir ein Gefühl von Sicherheit & Wertschätzung. Julia begleitete mich jeweils sehr klar und professionell durch das Coaching.   Sie brachte mich stets wieder zurück zum eigentlichen Thema, sodass ich den Kern fand, um die jeweilige Herausforderung anzunehmen und zu meistern. Den Weg zum Ziel so klar vor Augen zu haben, ist ein echtes Geschenk. Vielen Dank liebe Julia für Dein Wirken.“