Coaching and Mentoring for Women Ready to Be the Source of Their Energy and Happiness

Coaching and Mentoring for Women Ready to Be the Source of Their Energy and Happiness

From Kazakhstan to Germany and Switzerland…

I remember after graduating from school in Kazakhstan, my family moved to Germany. The language, culture and mentality shocked my system as I had to start a new life. What could I study at university? I didn’t know, so I followed my family’s suggestion to study Industrial Engineering Management because it was a good degree for job prospects.
It was a challenging period of my life, but I eventually passed my exams and worked in Supply Chain Management and IT for various international companies. I looked successful on paper, but soon realised something was missing – I wasn’t aligned with my true purpose. Negative emotions would appear, I withdrew myself and headed towards a spiral of limiting beliefs.

On reflection, I lived somebody else’s life.

Who am I?

Where am I?
What do I want?

Unfulfilled with my situation, I went on a mission to rediscover myself.

Be the Source of Your Happiness

I moved to Switzerland where I started to read countless books on personal development, took courses and attended workshops with the hope of analysing my thought patterns. I quickly discovered the more personal development work you do, the more you uncover. By becoming aware of my behaviours, I could analyse and transform my thoughts into something that serves me. This drew me towards working on myself more, so I hired a coach to help me on my journey.

Like turning a screw, each small turn uncovered something. I experienced breakthroughs, epiphanies and aha-moments. I now know what it means to love myself.

My passion for personal development and transformation have led me to pursue coaching studies confidently, and that’s when I founded ownYOUnity.

As an integral coach, I help women who are going through challenges like I did – with a desire to learn and grow but unsure of what to do next.

By taking an integrative approach, we’ll look at the root cause of the issues holistically so you can take ownership and enjoy life. I offer:


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Live a fulfilled life by being YOU.